5 Style Tips to Look More Muscular In Your Clothes

Look Muscular

So we all know that clothing can really change your body shape. Certain garments are going to accentuate a guy whose overweight, they can make him look fatter. Some are going to make you look skinnier. Some are going to be more attractive and some are going to show off your muscles or your lack of muscles. That’s what we’re going to be concentrating on. Let’s go.

1. Here is tip number one. I just want to mention that black T-shirts, such as I’m wearing, are not going to be suitable for a really skinny guy. They’re going to accentuate that skinny physique, ’cause black makes you look slim. Whereas if you’re a bigger guy, and you’re holding a few extra pounds, than black is the one for you. It’s going to hide that belly, and after a long hard summer of eating pizza, I definitely need a black shirt.

2. Point number two, to help you look more muscular with your clothes, is rolling up the arms on your shirts. I’ve rolled up the sleeves here. What that’s going to do is, it’s going to accentuate your triceps. Your triceps are two-thirds of the muscle mass of your arm. A lot of dudes are out there in the gym working biceps. They want to work those bigger popping off arms when really; it’s your try’s which makes you look bigger, gives you that beast model aesthetic superhero look. Also, remember, that most women do not have triceps. So they’re going to check out your arms and be like “wow, what the hell is that thing popping off there?” The triceps are much more important to work than the bicep and by rolling your sleeves up, you’re really showing that off, right?

Imagine my shirt was all the way down here. Not looking as good, is it? It’s really showing’ the gains. Work triceps, roll the sleeves up accordingly. That’s also very trendy. It’s fashionable. It’s in. It’s a bit rock ‘n roll. All the guys are doing it out there now. So, not only will you be showing off your arms, you’ll also be in line with current fashion. So having abided by point number one, where you’re going to roll up your little sleeves, the next point is “fitted T-shirts“. They’re going to really help to accentuate the good areas of your physique if you choose what suits your body type. If you are a bigger guy, you’re holding a bit of extra fat, your belly’s sticking out a little bit like me right now, after summer, having been on a pizza diet, and then you’ll want to wear a black t-shirt like I am right now. What that’s going to do, is it’s going to make you look slimmer. Black is very slimming and it’s going to hide that belly area. But, on the other hand, if you’re a skinny guy, then don’t wear black, ’cause it’s going to make you look stick thin. You’re going to literally disappear in that black T-shirt, right?

You want to go for a lighter color which has going to make you not look as skinny. We can extend to this point a little bit by saying, for both of these body types, the skinny guy, or the bigger guy, and average guys as well, you want to go for something which isn’t super fitted around the belly. Unless you’re really chimed out, you don’t want that tight T-shirt look. It’s not that cool. It’s showing’ off too much information, even for the gym guy. For the skinny guy, if it’s super tight ’round here, origin going to look super thin. It’s going to show off too much of your skinny torso and oregano look stick thin. That’s also true for bigger guys as well. A tight T-shirt ’round here is obviously going to accentuate the belly. So, what you want to do is go for a shirt which is looser around your belly and tighter on your chest and on your shoulders. That’s going to give you a nice manly V shape. It’s going to look a lot better than something which is a super skin tight all over.

3. Tip number three, I’m not a big fan of V-neck shirts, however, if you really want to look bigger, and they’re cool in your locality, I know we’ve got fans all over the world, and then V-necks definitely help you to have a broader, wider physique. Everyone talks about the V-taper shape. That’s a small waste, going up into the chest, big shoulders and the big back. Well, the V-neck would accentuate that. It’s going to come right down at your chest. It’s going to show some of that upper chest area and if you wear a V-neck, and you abide by the other points of the rolled up sleeves and the tighter shoulders and chest area, it’s going to make you look even wider and accentuate that nice ice cream cone shape, the v-taper, which all the gym dudes are constantly banging on about. V-necks is our point number three if you want to look bigger.

4. If you are pale and you’re not tanned, then get a tan, right? If it’s fake tan, try out Saint Tropez. Really great products for a fake tan, I’ve just been on a holiday, so I’m fairly brown now. If you’re not, you need to get a tan. Paler you are, and the thinner and the less healthy you’re going to look. So if you’re a really skinny guy, with no tan, you’re going to look super unhealthy and, like Mister Burns, not about Mister Burns. You can always go on the sun bed, but there are the health implications. If you live on the edge, if you’re a wild card, then get a sun bed.

5. Our final tip, and it’s a bit more of a specific one, but it’s a garment which works for absolutely everybody, is the fitted long neck, long-sleeve, not long neck. What a long neck? Don’t want to have a long neck. If you’ve got a long neck, then just stop watching, right now. Anyway, so, it’s going to be the fitted long-sleeve polo top. It’s one of these long-sleeve shirts we’re flashing up right now. What these do is they hide your skinny little pixie arms, but they also are really fitted around the shoulders. What these do is that the long-sleeve, as I said, they really hide skinny arms. They’re very smart as well, and you can get a really nice fitted shape, especially if they’re like wool or cotton. They look really high-end. They fit your body really nicely. They’re going to hide any mobs, because of that cotton feel, for the bigger guy, these works for absolutely every physique. Remember the color coding I said for your body type and of course, don’t roll up the sleeves. They’re long-sleeve.


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