5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear In Europe


Today we have for you five things. Those American tourists would not have to bear when they come to Europe, because I see many fellow Americans, all traveling. Making a lot of fashion faux-fit and no, I’m not a Fashionista. This is not about how you should dress or something. This is my opinion on five things you should not wear. So you yourself better mix with the locals, yourself what feels more comfortable and so you’re safer when you’re wearing the good clothes when you are traveling. So this is not fashion advice. We start at the beginning.

1. Baseball caps! These do not you wear when you go to Europe. I see many men wear these. Yes, it may be that you’re bald as I. or balding; slightly balding. Take a normal hat, take no baseball cap. That just gives away every time and especially if you wear it backward says that you’re from the United States. Even if you’re not from the US, that’s what it means, if you look around, you will see that almost no one wears such a hat and certainly not with a Yankee logo or Boston or what else. So make sure you’re there for keeps as much as possible.

2. The second thing that you should not wear the male rating: khaki pants. Europeans wear pants, trousers, tight jeans; stuff like that, but they do not wear khaki pants. You Dockers take not to Europe. You may find that they are very fine and that they are well. But that does not contribute here I try only to ensure that you look less like tourists who want to rob people. You fit so better among the local population. I truly do not mind walking a local person because I’m a big fat guy. But that does not mean I will not pass between. So men’s pants, Dockers sorry people, leave them at home.

3. The third thing you should do when you get here: no athletic wear casual clothes when you come here. I know many people walking around in the US with their Under Armor T-shirt and their (Adidas) in sweatpants things like that, yoga pants and so on. Here in Europe, people do not wear athletic casual clothing as being normal. They wear these athletic clothes to go to the gym, running to cycling and so on. In the US, this is normal, but here we do not. Now you know that too.

4. The next point fits a bit at your big, baggy sweater American university not wear. I’m here in May and there are many American tourists and backpackers. Colleges and universities and their Wisconsin-, Illinois- or Harvard logo on their jersey and that simply says you’re a tourist and want to be robbed. You will also see people here who baggy sweaters bear and certainly not with the great graphics on the front. So it would be better if you put yourself out there does not dare to. As mentioned, I draw sometimes my WOLTERS WORLD sweater on. Yes, you do and all this, it’s really all up to you. I just try to make sure that you are better belongs, so you have a nicer time and more local people meet and is not bothered by street vendors.

5. Do not wear sneakers. People here do wear sneakers, but these are more than street shoes genuine sports shoes. So I would not put real shoes. If you wear your normal sports shoes, white socks, tell you therefore that you just come from the US. What you will do the best. I wear shoes like this; easy loafers. Very easy for the customs, real journey shoes. For he fits well, he’s not a shoe, but give me some support and I only have a little better with it. So you’ve anyway, these were my five tips of clothes you do not wear when you travel. Ooh, if you are a traveler, now we’re at with the shoes. Leave your high heels at home with all the cobbles you get some problems having eaten travelers seen falling on the cobblestones with their high heels. Some even get stuck between the cobbles. If you fancy going out for dinner, you can take them, but you wear them if you go hiking because it is impractical. So, I hope this has helped, no; I’m not a Fashionista. But I am a traveler who wants to help other travelers to better travel that five sincere tips about things that should not wear my fellow passengers as they travel.


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