7 Tips on How to Dress Warm When Wearing Formal Clothing

Formal Clothing

1. Point number one is going to invest in a heavy and long jacket. You may have to have an overcoat custom-made, but this is going to be your key defense, that heavy jacket. Now, most overcoats out there, they’re made for I guess people down in Florida or something, but you want one that is made from a heavyweight fabric, that is lined with a windproof material, and you want it so that it buttons up all the way that it flaps up or it basically has the neck protectors on the side that is longer. It should go beyond your knees because that is going to be a big one. A lot of guys, they cut it short. Maybe they go with a pea coat. Pea coats are cool, but the problem with the pea coat is they’re not very long; the same thing with a lot of other types of jackets out there, is that they don’t cover your backside. They don’t cover your thighs.

2. Point number two is the part that the jacket doesn’t cover, and that is first off your feet. Invest in a pair of winter boots. What do I mean by winter boots? There’s a wide range out there. I’m talking a pair of zip-up boots that have insulation on the inside, and you should tell they’re insulated. I’ve worked with a company over in Berlin called Shoe passion and I really like some of their insulated boots. There are other companies out there that will use different materials. The other thing to look for in a pair of insulated boots is that they’re a bit higher up off the ground, so this may be a small difference. We’re talking in some cases about a quarter of an inch, but that quarter of an inch to half an inch can make a big difference in the sense of distancing you and insulating you from the very cold ground. Anyone that’s had to stay at the bus stop for half an hour, for 25 minutes in cold weather can really appreciate this because otherwise, that cold is going to start to seep up and you want to make sure that you are properly insulated from this.

3. So point number three, you want to protect your head, you want to protect your neck, and you want to protect your hands. Now, there are going to be some very basic watch caps out there. If you’re going to go with a the watch cap, make sure it’s thicker, that it’s knitted, that you may even consider having a thinner one that you wear underneath and then a thicker one on top.

4. After that, let’s go ahead and go to point number four, which are thermals. There’s a wide variety of thermals out there. You want to make sure you go with something that fits you a bit closer to the body. With casual wear, you can go with a looser fit because usually, the clothing, in general, is looser, but with formal clothing, with suits, you need something that’s not going to just make the suit look a bit odd because you’re trying to scrunch it in underneath. For that, I’m going to recommend a lot of athletic wear. If you go into an athletic store, a lot of those bit of clothing that fits really close to your body, there are certain things like Polar Tec Power Stretch out of Malden Mills. I’m a big fan of what they do. There’s a company called Canyon that makes it and I’ll link over to some of their products. If you get those and you get them to fit closer to your body, that is going to be an awesome insulation layer.

5. Point number five, let’s now focus in on the core. What I mean by the core, this is going to be your upper body and your torso and your midsection area or basically in your ground or your crotch area. Some small little things you can do, wear two pairs of underwear. Wear a pair of boxer briefs maybe with a pair of briefs underneath instead of wearing boxers. Instead of wearing just one undershirt, how about you wear two to even three undershirts? Now, you may be saying, “In the office, I’m going to be incredibly hot. I know the double underwear theme may not be for everybody, but I’m talking about for guys that you know what I’m talking about. It’s really cold and you don’t want to get frostbite anywhere, so focus on the on the core. It really is going to keep you a bit warm, and this is important when you can’t with a lot of long thermal underwear because I know the long johns for a lot of guys, it’s just too much especially when you’re in a warm office.

6. Point number six is going to be your suits and your shirts, maybe go with a winter weight. What do I mean by that? Actually, you can buy suits; you can buy shirts that are going to be a little bit heavier. That’s actually wearing one of your heavy duty shirts, one of your suits, maybe going with flannels, going with tweets. By simply bulking up that maybe your trousers, instead of going with the lightweight, why don’t you actually invest in some gray flannel trousers? By doing that, if you’re going to just simply bulk up that layer and mix with everything else we’re talking about, you’re really going to be able to better retain the heat.

7. The last and by far not least, you want to be paying attention to the various types of fabrics that you’re purchasing. Understand the cotton. Cotton is very cheap. Cotton can be found all over the world, but cotton does not insulate heat as well as wool and a number of synthetic materials which are specifically designed to do that, and I’m talking more about the thermal underwear, so make sure you’ve got the right fabrics. In addition, make sure you’ve got the right waves. There are some weaves out there which are going to allow air to move through very easily. You want to be going with twill weaves on your shirts that are going to better retain the heat and not allow air to move as easily between. Okay, guys, those are my seven tips.


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