Be Comfortable and Stylish – How to Style Sweatpants

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1. Know the occasion. Let’s be honest, you can’t be looking like a bum everywhere you go unless you’re some sort of genius and own your own fortune 500 company. For the rest of us, that’s a no can do. Some events will require you to put it in a little bit of effort and look presentable. So don’t think that cozy wear can be your daily uniform. But on some occasions, whether you’re running chores, running to the grocery store, doing stuff that doesn’t require you to put your best foot forward, you can look both comfortable and stylish.

2. It is all about buying the right gear. One of the biggest musts, when it comes to cozy or comfortable wear, is a good pair of sweatpants. But you don’t want to be wearing sweatpants that are overly baggy and look like pajamas; instead, you want something that actually flatters your physique, something that’s actually tailored like these from our sponsor Public Rec. These are what they call the “all day, every day short pants” because yes you can literally wear them during the day and still look good in them. These sweatpants are designed with that idea in mind, for you to both be comfortable and stylish during the day.

So what that means is that you get all the comfort ability of sweatpants. They have this elastic fabric that is super comfortable, you can be in these all day literally from bed tonight. But since they have style as well, you also get that laid-back and stylish feature as if you’re wearing almost your regular pair of denim and this mainly because they fit properly, as you can see it fits nice and snug on my waist, good through my hips, and the perfect through my thigh and leg not overly tight like joggers but not overly loose like pajamas. So, this is a great example of the gear you need allowing you to wear sweatpants all day without looking like a slump.

You can lounge at home with these, you can go to the gym, you can run errands and because of that comfortable elastic feature, they are comfortable sweatpants. The great thing is that the pants come in six different colors that allow you to stock up, especially for the cold month. So if you’re going to be wearing this often, you’re not wearing the same one dirty pair. If you guys want to check out public Rack, I’m going to have these guys linked down below with the discount code, so you guys can check out the everyday pant for yourself. Other essentials that you should definitely look into is a good fitting t-shirt, Henley’s, sweaters, these are cozy fit gear that you can wear on a daily as long as they fit right then you can also get up Public Rec. So like I said, if you guys want to check out Public Rack, it’s going to be the link down below.

3. Get creative with it. If you have your solid base already, like your good tailored sweatpants, or a fitted pair of joggers it’s time to think a little bit outside the box. Say you want to dress it up a bit, then throw on some fashion sneakers, a tee, and a denim jacket for an unexpected and still comfortable look. What you basically did was mix your comfortable cozy wear with your menswear pieces, giving you a perfect syndication of something that looks dressy but still keeps you comfortable. You could do the same effect with the bomber, that’s right you can wear a bomber with your sweatpants or your joggers. Whether it is a technical bomber like this one from Public Rack or a regular one kind of like what you get from H&M.

A bomber like this one basically gives you the option to start layering, right now “winter is coming” which means it gives you the option of layering and like I’ve said before, anytime you start layering outfit, it makes it more intricate and instantly more stylish. This bomber from Public Rec again is another great example of what the brand does best. Create an essential piece that is comfortable to wear all day, every day but still makes it look stylish for guys. It features incredibly soft, breathable moisture, wicking fabric that pairs well with any chill or laid-back look.

4. When it comes to wearing stuff that’s comfortable but stylish is fit. Just like I mentioned before you want your sweatpants and joggers to have a tailored fit. This is what makes the outfit a little bit more technical, almost at leisure and athletic. If you wear something that’s overly baggy, it’s just going to adds visual pounds to your outfit. Not to mention it makes you look sloppy like you just rolled out of bed in those pants. As for the tops, the fit can vary a bit from oversized sweaters to oversized tees, so obviously the more fitted Henleys and hoodies. So fit per say isn’t as black and white as it is menswear if you ask my personal opinion I always go with the fitted option just as I know it looks good. Oversized tends to be more kind of street wear.


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