Best Ways To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

Roll Up Sleeves

I want to show you how to roll up your shirt sleeves. You’ve probably seen a ton of articles and videos out there showing you all the different ways to roll up your shirt sleeves. You don’t need to know any of that. Trust me. I do this for a living. You only need to know two ways to roll up your shirt sleeves, regardless if you’re a man or a woman and I have them right here.

The Basic Roll

The first roll is called The Basic Roll and it’s really simple. So you want to start with your cuff completely unfastened. So this should be unbuttoned, if you have a button here, make sure it’s unfastened as well. So then, you want to just flip the cuff over. So flip the cuff over and the width of your cuff is going to dictate the width of your roll. Now if you have a stiff cuff, make sure you do not fold on top of it. You literally do not want to roll over it because it will ruin that cuff. If it’s pliable, like for oxford shirts like this one too, then you can actually roll over it so that you create a less wide of a roll.

Now, anyways so I’m just going to flip the entire cuff over. Then what I’m going to do is roll it again. Then roll it again and it sits right there so I’m going to roll it one more time because the key is to end about mid to upper forearm and the reason being is because visually it looks sharper, and also because if you roll it past your forearm, so past the elbow, it starts- the roll actually starts to get very bulky and it doesn’t look good. The reason why I like it to end mid to upper forearm is also that as a woman I love how the cuff hugs the forearm. It looks so masculine and sexy, I don’t know, there’s something about it, so. That’s why I like cuffs to end right there and that’s how you do The Basic Roll.

GQ Roll

The next roll is sometimes called The Italian Roll, or like I like to call it, The GQ Roll because this is the roll that I use when I style for GQ. So, it’s very simple again, all you want to do is make sure that your cuff is unbuttoned, including the button- if you have a button down here, make sure it’s unfastened. So what you want to do is take the sleeve and fold it up, so that the entire cuff is about an inch or so beyond your elbow. So past your elbow, you want it to be above it. Alright so next you want to roll your sleeve up onto the cuff.

So that’s what I’m doing right now and I’m literally as I’m doing this I’m tucking in with my thumb the sleeve underneath. So I’m tucking it in, sometimes it can be a little tough, so you just got to keep pushing. Alright, so this is pretty darn good. So you basically want the top of your roll to hit just below your elbow. So this is the top of the roll, here’s my elbow, so it actually ends just below it, and then a little bit of shirt cuff is exposed and that’s how you do The GQ Roll. So those are the two different ways to roll up your shirt sleeves.


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