Clothing for Larger Men – Dress Sharp with a Gut and Stylish With a Beer Belly?

Stylish Beer Belly

1. You need to get comfortable wearing a jacket. No other piece of clothing is going to do a better job or hiding a gut of at least making you look larger in the shoulders and in the arms than a jacket. That’s what this is specifically designed for and, guys when I say jacket, I’m not necessarily talking suit jackets, although I think suit jacket and if you decide to go casual, there are so many options there and you can stand out from the crowd. But, sports jackets, this is a sports jacket right here and, yes; you can wear them four seasons. I know some of you guys are saying, Antonio, incredibly hot and, I’ll get into that in a second. But, let’s talk about other types of jackets. Jean jackets. Guys, jean jackets actually will help a large man, especially.

If you’ve got a gut, they will help you. The thing with a jean jacket, so a lot of them have a slimmer profile, so you’re going to go to want – you’re going to want one you can actually button up. Another thing, look at a leather jacket. There’s a wide range of leather jackets. You can go with a fatigue, maybe something a little bit longer, but a leather jacket is going to be a great way to build up the shoulders, make your arms a little bit bigger and all this does, it doesn’t make your stomach looks smaller, but what it does is make you look more proportioned and that is the key point of pulling off a jacket.

2. Wear long sleeve shirts and to look for shirts that actually have epaulettes, that actually have double breast pockets and I know some of you guys in hot weather are saying, okay, Antonio tell me more about this. Guayaberas, go check them all out. All of a sudden, a Guayaberas and this is a shirt specifically made to be worn longer and it’s going to look better on you than simply if you’re wearing a tight T-shirt and, that’s what a lot of guys with guts think that they can pull off and I will say stay away from T-shirts, always look to go for a shirt that’s going to be long sleeve.

It’s just going to look more proportional and there are so many materials out there that are lightweight, breathable that that is going to be more just, as cool if not cooler than a shirt and if it’s that bad, roll up the sleeves, all the sudden it’s going to look more, again, it’s going to keep the proportions better looking and, overall this is going to be a much better look. Now, I talked about the epaulets on the shoulders and the pockets. The reason you want to go for that is it’s going to build up your chest; it’s going to build up your shoulders and you want to sometimes look for a little bit of a rigid material something that’s going to give you a little bit of a point out here. Again, we’re looking to build up the shoulders, there’s no way I can reduce the size your stomach, but overall I can affect the way that we see.

3. Which is to have a monochromatic look and in general go for darker colors? So, darker colors and you’ve probably heard this black is a slimming color. Women talk about this all the time, but it does apply to guys. Basically, what we want is allow the eyes to go up and down. What you don’t want to do is wear something that draws attention to the midsection. So, belts that have a high contrast with water wearing, you don’t want to do those. Instead, you want something — and you can go with lighter colors you can go with medium colors, but I find darker is going to be the best for slimming you up. But if you are a lighter-colored guy, then simply make sure that everything you have is lighter colored that way again the eyes can go up and down.

4. Look for shirts look for jeans that have stretch fabric in them and the key here is that not that you need stretch fabric because you want to wear it tight and you want it to stretch, no, that’s going to be a horrible look. What you want though is as you move around as you bend over that all the sudden the clothing is going to have a bit of a gap. So, whenever you go like this whenever you move around, it’s going to have a bit more stretch and it’s just going to be more comfortable. You don’t want to have hot spots.

There are jeans many of them out there with stretch fabrics and them actually; they’ve come a long way. You want to go with a regular cut, do not go with slim do not go with baggy, just go with our regular cut because I know that your legs are, you know, for a lot of these guys they’re just their normal proportioned. It’s in and around the gut area and it’s the waist that you want to pay attention to. So, make sure that they do not cut in your waist. You’re going to probably want to go for a lower rise that’s going to work. If you have a real issue, you can look trousers you could — can wear them high. You’re going to have to make sure the trousers to fit in and around your stomach and you’re going to need to utilize suspenders.

5. Get everything tailored and adjusted to fit you properly. So, you’ve heard me say this before, but I think with a man that is actually carrying a little bit more weight around the midsection, I find that a lot of these guys with the beer gut, it goes straight out. It doesn’t necessarily go out to the sides and what that means is that when we wear a jacket you can actually have it brought in a little bit on the sides and it’s going to give you a leaner cut.

Now, again, you go in with darker colors, I get up close, yeah, I can start to see that you’ve got a little bit of a pouch right here, but still I can see that you’re well put together and there’s a big difference between a guy that is fat and sloppy and a guy that is sharp, large, and in charge. Very different, you know type of fuel and people, you know, they’re going to be noticing this stuff. Now, all these works in with the points I said earlier about wearing a jacket, wearing darker colors, going for long sleeve shirts.

Now, with your shirts you want to make sure, especially in and around the stomach area, there’s no tension on the buttons. So, you may have to get in, I talked about tailoring getting the shirts actually custom-made. What you don’t want to do though is you don’t want to get it too much tighter in and around the chest especially if your stomach is a lot bigger. It’s probably going to be better to be a bit loose right in here, but it is going to be something that you may want to look at custom clothing. You definitely want to get everything adjusted to fit. Also, I talked about trousers how sometimes they cut in; you can actually have sometimes trousers opened up.

You can have suspenders, buttons put right onto those, so it’s going to be easier to wear. Or, you can actually even some cases they can actually bring the jeans down just a tad. Now, it may not be worth it, I always think it’s going to be better to find a pair of jeans than having them adjusted especially up at the top. But, if it’s cutting into you, then look to have, I think they’re called comfort sides and basically with these comfort waists have elastic on the side. There are a few companies that make these, but you can sometimes have a tailor put them on it. But, if you’re out there searching, you know, searching for clothing, I like to actually have that on some of the trousers because a lot of the big guys your waist is going to expand in and out.


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