Dress Well On a Budget Without Fast Fashion

Budget Dress

8 tips to be stylish if you have a limited budget and none of those tips include just buy cheaper clothes.

1. Go for simple, clean designs If a garment has too many details like a fishnet fabric, a fancy closure, a print, and ruffles, then it’s a fashionable piece Fashionable pieces are much more likely to go out of fashion faster Either the fabric or the print are not going to look cool In a few month anymore and the garment is just going to sit in your closet, wasting money. So instead, go for designs that are cleaner, leaner, they’re called timeless for a reason.

2. Choose solid colors overprints for mass-market clothing, the margin is extremely important, otherwise the retailers won’t want to sell the clothes at all. So when you see two garments in store, similar ones, one is a solid color, one has a print on it The one with the print is very likely to be of cheaper quality somewhere else to compensate for the extra work of designing and producing that print So the fabric might be thinner, the quality of the fiber might be lower, you just don’t know it. If you go for the solid version, it’s more likely that the fabric has a higher quality. Also, people won’t be looking at the print that catches the eye a lot; they will be focusing on the plainness of that pretty fabric, and on the cut. Full looks in one color are, because of that, extremely elegant and chic and sleek.

3. Go for pieces that you can layer, and combine with other pieces. Let’s say you’re in a store and you see that dress which looks fabulous. Thinking about it, you realize that it wouldn’t work with a cardigan or a sweater or a coat on top, it only works if you’re wearing killer heels, this and this way, as shoes, well then the chance that you actually wear that dress often enough for the money you’re going to pay it is very low, isn’t it? So instead of owning three dresses that only work each in one outfit, and no other way, own one dress, but that you can layer and combine. People who do capsule wardrobes, there probably are some among you, know that very well and are experts at combining and layering. That’s the whole secret of having a full wardrobe with only 30 or 40 pieces.

4. A looser fit is better than a skintight fit. You might say it’s just my personal opinion and taste Might be, but I feel that when the look is a bit loose and drapery, the lady looks more elegant. So I’m a big fan of buying for example for tops and sweaters, one size bigger than the size I would actually need. It looks a bit drapery; it looks a bit effortless, which I like. It’s also a lot more comfortable and if you’re not checking all the time if everything is sitting pulling in your belly so that people won’t see it. Then you can display a lot more self-confidence and “zaniness”.

5. Spend more on basics This may sound like contradiction in a budget-friendly, I know, but especially if your budget is limited and if the number of pieces in your wardrobe is limited, It is extremely important If you consider it this way, why spend your disposable income on specific accessories that you know you’re only going to use on specific occasions where instead you could invest the same money in the core pieces in your wardrobe, in the pieces that you’re going to wear every day, and those are called the basics. Also if you invest in good basics, you’re not going to have to replace them as often. So in the long run, it definitely is worth it financially.

6. Stick to your color palette and to your style, now the designers are saying that you shouldn’t try anything new Not exactly. But let’s take an example. You go shopping with a friend and in a store, you see a fantastic dress. You grab the hanger; show it to the friend, and say, “I love it! What do you think?” And she says, “Beautiful piece! But it doesn’t really work with anything else you have in your closet and it’s not really in your colors. “Is it?” If you hear that put the garment back. It’s going to clash with your wardrobe, you’re not going to wear it often enough, no matter which price you’re about to pay for it.

7. Make the textures vary, not just the colors. Let me explain. When you mainly wear navy blue, black, and white in your closet, at some point you might feel bored and feel the need to add extra color. But then if you add, like what, red? One piece in red, it’s not working with anything else you own. What do you have to do? Expand by more red pieces. So your wardrobe is growing a lot immediately. Just because of that one piece. Instead, you could add textures to your existing color. That is a solution which is way underestimated, I think. You have a navy blue jersey, basic stuff and then you have navy blue organza, almost transparent, very light. You have navy blue neoprene, which is stiffer and sheer, navy blue faux fur, quite luxurious navy blue silk, super shiny, etc. So instead of expanding your wardrobe by a whole red segment, consider adding single pieces in the colors that you already own, but in new textures and you might feel that your wardrobe is not boring at all anymore.

8. Make sure that your existing clothing looks impeccable for instance one tip was right after you wash the clothes, hang them up so that the own weight of the fabric is going to pull down everything nice and flat and you have less ironing to do later I favor not ironing at all as far as I am concerned and then there are fabrics that are just more difficult than others. If you have been wearing garments made of pure linen, crisp linen, then you know what I mean. No matter how crisp and flat and ironed it was in the morning at the end of the day, you are going to look like you slept in your clothes so a good tip for that is steaming it goes a lot faster than ironing.

You can find mobile steamers hand steamers online for a cheap price order that. It doesn’t have to be any particular brand or anything. If you have a steamer, you save time and it always looks classy if you have a crisp garment that looks *clicks tongue* nice and flat. It’s a lot more elegant, immediately. So to sum it up, I think that dressing well on a budget is definitely doable if you plan and buy for the long run, not short term, if you stick to your style and what you feel good in, always, and if you focus on building a high-quality core wardrobe and I think if you do those three things, then you’re fine.


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