Dressing Well – Work and Office Attire for Men

Office Attire

The first thing you should do is find out what kind of clothes you are allowed to use where you work. How do you define your limits? The best thing to do is to look at your colleagues and see what they are wearing. Now you can create the ‘spectrum’ of what is acceptable. Some may be using ties, some dress shirts, maybe a polo shirt you can always ask a colleague you trust if it helps you. After you do a search in your office, you can then figure out where you are. You can wear jeans, sometimes even ripped jeans, like those here, and combined with a dress shirt.

As long as you know what is allowed. My rule of thumb for work clothes is never to be the last to dress the room. You do not want the laziest opinion of the place. Keep in mind comfort. You will work for 8 hours, sometimes up to 10 hours or more. You need to feel good about what you’re wearing. This is a brand that I discovered recently, called Ministry of Supply. They make clothes for really nice office, focused on comfort and movement with light and breathable materials. What fits perfectly with what I’m looking for? Working in an office like this is good because they give me a lot of freedom to use and casual clothes. So this is what I usually use to work on a typical day.

Discovering that I have an important meeting or a lunch that day, I dress a little better to be 100% sure that I’m getting dressed properly. Also, one of the best things the Supply Ministry, he give you tip for your clothes for free, and if you need tailoring, do and they will reimpose you. I have this shirt set for them, and it was too much, so I ended up taking these pants too. Just to remind you, they are not wrinkled, so are perfect for traveling. I left all of them all the information in the description below.

If you’re looking for cool new pieces to wear to work, I really recommend buying new accessories. I always wear watches to work, because I feel that this completes my outfit. But it can be anything from legal socks, bracelets, glasses or even stand. I really like this shirt Scotch & Soda; she has this little detail here, which shows a character and personality, but still professional. Sometimes preparation will make or break an outfit. If you will use a casual outfit to work, you need to make sure it is well straightened out. Otherwise, it will appear that you do not care. Trim your beard, make sure your hair is not messy, and NEVER use wrinkled clothes.


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