Eagle Creek Pack – It Garment Folder To Pack Dress Shirts And Pants

Eagle Creek Pack

In this article, we’re reviewing the Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder, another item that you can use to help simplify and organize your packing and can help make your packing more organized and efficient and that’s the Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder. The Eagle Creek Garment Folder is a large packing envelope that allows you to easily fold and pack items to avoid wrinkles. The folder includes an instruction board which shows you how to uses it. You basically use the board to fold your clothes into the same general dimension, and then place them into the garment folder.

Once your clothes are loaded into the folder, you place the board on top and close the flaps. The flaps are held together with Velcro and the garment folder includes a handle on top, which makes it easy to carry around. Like packing cubes, the folder compresses your clothes, minimizing the space in your suitcase while also keeping everything organized and wrinkle-free. This helps me to compartmentalize my packing, and it also allows me to unpack my shirts by simply placing the folder into a hotel drawer. The folder that I have is one of the older models and it looks like Eagle Creek now offers a variety of different colors, materials, and sizes.

The medium size is rated to fit in the most carry-on luggage, and is the size I recommend for most folks. If weight is a critical issue for you, then you may want to check out Eagle Creek’s Specter line. You can see from our comparison that the specter model is about 60% of the original model’s weight, which is due to the ultra light nylon material used. The Eagle Creek Garment Folder also makes a great travel gift for business travelers or anyone that loves packing cubes.

I feel like once you discover packing cubes and understand the value, then you want to use even more gear to organize your packing. Unlike my packing cubes though, I don’t always use my garment folder on trips, especially if it’s a short trip since they are bigger than cubes. However, whenever I need to pack dress shirts or pants, it seems to be a much better option than rolling or folding them into a packing cube.


You can order them directly from Eagle Creek or purchase them from Amazon. The original garment folder in medium size is about $29 and the Specter model runs for only a few dollars more. If given the choice, I would opt for the Specter model for the additional weight savings and durability. You can also get them in sets if you want different sizes.


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