How Girls Want You to Dress Well?

Dressing Well

Whether you’re15 years old and looking for something to wear to school, or you’re 30 years old and looking for something to wear when you’re off work. Of course, there are lots of styles you can choose from, but I’m just going to show you one that’s guaranteed to work, it works for me, and it’ll work for you too. So first, the basics:

  1. Stick to somewhat muted colors. This means stuff like white, gray, faded blue, faded red, dark green, stuff like that. Leave the neon orange snapbacks and the hot pink shorts on the rack.
  2. Avoid large prints, designs, and pretty much anything too crazy. The point of this style isn’t to make a statement; it’s just to wear stuff that looks nice and stylish.
  3. Wear your clothes in a slightly slimmer fit. By slim fit, I mean something like this, not this, and not this. One of the main reasons guys fail is because they either wear stuff that’s too baggy, or they wear stuff that makes them look like a bodybuilder from the 80’s desperate for everyone around to know they’ve been lifted.

#For tops, look for plain T-shirts and an occasional button-down in a solid color or subtle pattern, plaids, that kind of thing.

#For bottoms, my favorite color is khaki, and I recommend khaki jeans and khaki chinos, they’re a bunch of different shades of khakis you can get as many as you want. I prefer this to blue jeans because it’s just a little different. If you want to go for other colors, then I recommend dark blue, gray, dark red or dark green, and if you like blue jeans you can get a pair too. Also, if you live somewhere hot, and you want to wear shorts, that’s fine, just make sure they don’t go below the knee because that’s too long. Also, if you’re wearing shorts either don’t wear your button-downs with them or roll up the sleeves.

#For shoes, I recommend canvas sneakers. That means any sneaker that looks kind of like this. They’re casual enough to wear with anything but they’re also not AS casual as a running shoe so they look a little more stylish. If you want to be even more stylish you can try a pair of chukka boots and if you want to be a little more casual you can go for a sneaker-like Roshes or Ultra Boosts. I recommend not working out in the same shoes you wear to go out because dirty, scuffed up shoes can really ruin an entire outfit.

#If it’s cold where you live, go for a nice subtle sweater, cardigan, or a jacket to round out the look. Don’t just throw something on, thinking “oh, it’s just the outer layer, it doesn’t matter”. Because it does matter.

#If you want to wear sunglasses, go for a slightly more professional design. In general, you want to avoid stuff like Oakley’s and the ones they sell at gas stations because those usually look too sporty, which is fine if you actually ARE playing sports, but they don’t really go with this look. Also, if you’re at the store and you’re not sure if something looks good, just ask the sales guy. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Just pick one of the guys who look like he’s dressed pretty well and ask him. Don’t ask a guy who isn’t dressed well, because if he can’t do it himself then he obviously won’t be much help.

Let’s say you get 5 shirts, 2 button downs, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 sweater, and 1 jacket. That’s literally 126 outfits you can make. I don’t know about you, but like when I was in high school, there’d always be guys who you could tell what their favorite outfit was because they’d wear it all time and after a while, it just looked ridiculous. Don’t be that guy and that’s pretty much it. Here are some examples of cool outfits using this style. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, I always reply to as many as I can and if you’re a little older, or you live in a “fashion city” like New York, or Paris or something, and you want to style it up a little more, than just dress like James Bond.


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