How I Made Cute Kawaii Gingham Dress?

Kawaii Gingham Dress

Today I want to tell you how I made this cute gingham dress. So let’s start crafting. This is not really a tutorial. So for this one, I made the pattern by tracing my old clothes onto paper. For the sleeve curve, I used tracing paper to help me. The first one I trace is the back of the body. I also add seam allowance on all edges in this pattern and then I fold the paper and cut it so there will be a copy to the other side. Then I cut the neckline to one side for the front body part. After that, I trace the sleeve for the sleeve pattern. That blue paper is a tracing paper. Then I try to copy the half sleeve onto the other side using tracing paper help. I added seam allowance on all edges, and then cut the pattern.

Now it’s time to cut the fabric. Because I didn’t want to add a zipper, I fold the fabric like this. Then I place the pattern and trace it again with fabric chalk. After that, I cut the fabric carefully. I did this to the other side with the back body pattern. For the sleeve, I fold the fabric in half and trace the pattern. Then I cut the body pattern in half and pin them together on the shoulder. This helped me to make the collar. So I trace the neckline to make the collar pattern. Then I add seam allowance just on the bottom line. I wanted a peter pan collar so I made a curve to this collar and this is the Peter Pan collar pattern. I cut two pairs of fabric for the collar. Also, cut the interfacing for each pair. Iron the interfacing so it’s stuck. Now I trace the neckline of every body part for neckline facing. Oh yeah, don’t forget to add seam allowance on the fabric cut later for this. It’s time for sewing! I placed the body right side to right side and sew the shoulder.

Next, I wanted to sew the sleeve. So I put it right side facing the right side of the body, mark where the center is, and pin the sleeve around to the body and then sew it, after that sew the back and front side. Now it’s time to sew the collar. After turning the collar right side out, I like to iron it so it’s flat. Sew the neckline facing together. Don’t forget to zigzag stitch or over lock edge. Now it’s time to put the collar on the body. First, I pin it. Then I stitch it in place temporarily with running stitch. After that add the neckline facing on top of it, right side facing together and pin it Then sew it. After that, I like to top stitch the facing with the body. Next, I made the skirt part. My skirt is a rectangle with at least twice my waist size and the length is approximately 55 cm I guess. Then I gathered the rectangle on the waistline so it will create a skirt look. Then sew the opening edge, right side facing right side.

Now I want to attach the skirt to the body. I pin the body waistline to the skirt waistline and then sew them together. Then I hem the skirt by folding the edge twice and sew it. This is how the hem looks like. Let’s try it out first. Turned out the neckline is not wide enough for my head. To fix this, I cut the center back apart a little bit. Then I trace the cut line to make a facing. Now I put the facing on top, and add a ribbon loop inside it. Then I saw it. Here I clip the “v” part but didn’t cut the seams. This is to make the facing folded easily on the “v” side. Then I topstitch it.

Now to finish the neck part, I fold the neckline facing to the inside and sew them with hand stitches. I don’t know the name of the stitches, but it’s kind of invisible to the front side. I also made ruffles on the sleeve. The method is the same like I made the skirt, just gathered a rectangle and attaches it and I also added laces on the front and yeah it’s finished! Now it’s time to wear it with proud!


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