How to Dress for Special Events When You’re Pregnant?

Pregnant Dress

Your social life doesn’t have to slow down just because you’re expecting but shopping for special events like a baby shower, a wedding or even being a bridesmaid in a wedding can be slightly more daunting. My number one tip for all you moms out there is comfort number one and then number two is style and what you’re wearing is a perfect example of what to wear to a wedding. This is a darling dress it is not only cheap but it is comfortable. I wouldn’t be wearing it there are so many elements that I love about this. The color’s so soft and ladylike and pretty and then I also love that you’re wearing something with structure and tailoring. I think maybe some mama’s to be out there mamas.

They only want to wear things that are stretchy because they think that’s the only thing that will fit them and it’s not true and if you found this dress on your own. I did hatch maternity. Its two hundred and thirty-eight dollars and the best part I can dance enough. There you go yes you can dance. Now I’m thinking baby shower. I have mine in a couple of weeks. Usually, towards the end of your pregnancy during a baby shower just showing a lot, you fully popped what works best for this occasion. Try something that maybe you normally wouldn’t wear whether it’s a bold color or a print and dress up for the occasion.

It’s your baby shower. It’s a celebration. So wear something maybe a little bit dressy than you would normally wear. So we found this dress from 4:11 lemons, its two hundred and eighty-eight dollars. It’s a line in a nice lofty lightweight fabric because you want the fabric to move with you, not to cling to you because you want to be comfortable also. Like that the sleeves are flow and this whole look is really romantic and beautiful, just you know it’s always hard to find the perfect bridesmaid’s dress and it becomes even more difficult when you are expecting what are some tips that we can give to our viewers to help them find the perfect dress.

Well if you’re lucky enough to pick your own dress based on the color theme the bride gave you which is the best. By the way, you can never go wrong with a no pure waste. What do hits right here above the belly and maxi length? This Philly blue maxi dress has all the comfort elements. It has the emptier waist that light free-flowing fabric which is so comfortable and then it’s maxi length. So you can get away with wearing any shoes which are so important. Okay so it sounds like whether you’re in a wedding, attending a wedding or going to your own baby shower, comfort is primary but you can still do it with style comfort and style together. You want to feel pretty and dressed up for the occasion and it’s so important to feel like yourself your backs off.


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