How to Dress If You are A Young Guy Without Feeling Awkward?


Today we’re going to go over five tips to dress well if you’re a young guy. Keep in mind that I was one of those stylish teens not too long ago, so know how it feels.

1. The first thing, it’s all about shopping brands. If you’re under 18, 17 buying classic, timeless pieces; certain ones really don’t matter. Why? Because you’re still growing, which means that those pieces are going to be useless a year or two from now, you’re going to be taller, you’re going to be bigger and in this age demographic they don’t have the appeal that they do when you’re plus 20. So this is the perfect time for you to scratch your itch and buy things that are popular and that are trending. Usually find the right brands, for example, I remember when I was young I thought I was open when I had that small eagle or that little polo player on my chest.

I thought I was a most stylish kid in the school. Keep in mind that just like in the real world warrior using clothes to impress people or leave an impression on people, you’re doing the same in school. But instead of impressing your employer, a superior, or a potential girlfriend, in school you impress your friends or that crush you like, which means that you’re going to need to use clothes that are popular and impress on them. This is the clothing that’s going to make you feel comfortable and confident in your grade level.

2. The second thing is to not be afraid to step outside the box. This is what’s going to make you stylish. Like I said, I was in school not too long ago and I know the tendency for kids to just follow the herd and wear what everybody else is wearing just to fit in. Most high scholars and even college students have horrible taste in style, so you don’t want to follow that bandwagon. So when everybody’s wearing basketball shorts, you were Chino shorts, when everybody’s wearing Air Force One ’cause it’s easy, you go for some Stan Smith’s and the smallest change you can make that highest scholars doesn’t wear a watch.

Think about it, it’s such a small accessory with such a huge impact on your overall style and most guys that age don’t wear one. So don’t be most guys, pick yourself up a Vincero Watch. Like I said, this is the perfect accessory to wear that others don’t that won’t make you feel uncomfortable, that won’t make you feel overdressed, it’s small but it makes a huge impact. For example, the one that I’m rocking now it’s a simple chronograph from Vincero. It has a blue leather strap, which is a little bit more casual, a white face, which means I can wear with almost any type of style I want. I’m wearing it with a shirt right now and it looks good again it adds to my overall outfit, but it doesn’t make me look overdressed or out of place, especially if you’re a young guy.

Another little bonus, especially in your age group, it makes your overall outfit just look more expensive. So yeah, you can flex as if you spend a lot on your wrist when in reality Vincero, is one of the most affordable watches you can buy. The thing that sets Vincero apart is that fact. That you put a small initial investment and you get a lot of quality in return. Vincero watches are all made of high-grade stainless steel. You can see their whole collection they have everything from simple watches to busier one kind of like the chronograph, which are my personal favorite. Everything has a high great attention to detail, it has and I do not know what that exudes luxury, without you having to spend a lot of money. It’s all about being smart with your money, especially if you’re a young guy and you guys are the savvy ones of them all, because of watching this channel. Like I said, this is the perfect piece for you guys to stand out in your grade.

3. The third thing, wear the right shoes. See when you’re in this age group you mostly want to focus on sneakers and casual shoes, like your Chelsea boot or your lover and if you stick here and choose the right options you’re going to look better than everybody in your school, without feeling out of place or overdressed. A great example is a kind of like what I said before, almost everyone and their mothers wear Air Force Ones at least once in their school time. Well, instead of you going for that, you can get something similar like a Stan Smith that in my opinion is a little bit more stylish just because you can wear both casually like your Air Force Ones but also a little bit more dressed up. Another example, instead of wearing Tim’s like everybody does, choose a Chelsea boot, again Chelsea boot you can rock street wear, casual looks, but you can also dress them up a bit. Tim’s, you can only do street looks.

4. Number four, the right hairstyle. See your clothing is only going to take you so far and another aspect that almost no high scholar cares about, especially guys, is their grooming. You, on the other hand, you know better. Right now is the perfect time to start figuring out what hairstyle works best for you. Again, when you go to school your average guy is rocking lame hairstyles from the 90sthat require no effort. You, however, you put the effort. You’re rocking something that’s in style, that’s going to add to your overall outfit.

5. Finally number five; there are still classics you can invest in. So like I said at the beginning, investing in timeless classics for the long run isn’t as appealing when you’re young because you’re going to be outgrowing them. But if you still want to invest in classics because you like the aesthetic of it, there are still classics that are more casual that you can invest in. That again will make you feel comfortable and not in a place. So yes, you can still invest in classics when you’re young that are going to make you more stylish without making you uncomfortable.


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