How to Wear a Plain Black Dress in Different Ways?

Plain Black Dress

Today we are going to do different styling for the LBD ” Little black dress” The little black dress is considered one of the cocktail dresses that can be worn in the morning, afternoon or at night. It is mostly short and so simple. It’s considered that Coco Chanel was the first one who presented the LBD after it was a dress just for mourning. Since that the designer has started to compete with each other to create a creative LBD, the famous example is Givenchy. You will never find a girl who likes fashion and does not have the LBD because it is one piece that can do with it hundreds of outfits.

So let’s go and see our own styling for the LBD. You can wear it with Cardigan and put a belt or a brooch Denim jacket and put a scarf; this will be a good look in the morning. Blazer and necklace; this will be good for a work outfit, Leopard scarf with a small belt. You should have the leopard scarf as it fits all outfits and colors. Necktie with a long necklace; this will be a good look for the winter Sided shirt; this will be good for a summer look Leather jacket whatever the colors. As black fills all colors Fur jacket for any night outing Hoop earring with small necktie; this will be good for a summer look If your LBD like what I wear, you can wear a shirt beneath it with a brooch and that will be very chic look. You can also wear a poncho like our mannequin. One of my friends asked me if I can help her to enhance this dress to make it look more happening.

So, How to enhance a plain black dress? This dress as it looks very good. But to enhance it, my suggestion is to add more accessories to it. How do we enhance it for a party? Heavy jewelry comes in handy Wear very heavy jewelry on it and your favorite heels and a shiny clutch. Of course, makeup makes it all so have some glittery makeup and a nice hairstyle you are all set for the party. There are these false embellished collars these collars can be worn on the dress so it will look like a collared dress it adds the amp to it.

Mix and match your accessories like bags, shoes and your hairdo and your makeup. You are all set for the party. If you’re looking for a simple, then go for a printed scarf or thin shiny belt with some shiny buckle. Add some wide bracelets and big finger rings, your favorite footwear, and your bags. Pick the ones which go very well with them you’re all ready for the simple upliftment. When you are going for the sporty look, wear sneakers on it, go for opposite colored jackets and the same colored shoes this dress is very simple and its black you can wear it in many ways. So wear a printed shirt on top of it or a bomber jacket or a denim jacket. Those are some of the ways to uplift your garment and wear it differently.


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