Ironing A Dress Shirt With A Cheap Iron


Men don’t iron that’s a woman’s job. How do you think that I’m being serious right now? The modern man needs to be well-rounded and guys let’s face it. You’re not always going to have someone to take care of you and knowing how to iron is absolutely important.

Read Care Label

Alright so the first thing you want to do is prepare start by reading the shirt’s care label. It’s going to what materials it’s made out of and depending on what it’s made of you’re going to have to put on different setting for your iron. So, as you can see on mine it lists which material is for which setting so it makes it easier for me also if you’re going to have multiple shirts organized them from the lowest setting to the highest setting. You don’t want to ruin your shirts. Now some shirts have collar stay if they do remove them before you iron because if you don’t, you’re going to ruin collar stays.

Unbutton Shirt

Next unbutton your shirt including the ones in your sleeves, all of them and have your iron ready with water. Have a spray bottle because you’re going to be doing a lot of spaying. The spraying is going to make it a lot easier and quicker. Now you can iron in whatever order you like but generally speaking its advice to start with collar and cuffs. You do the collar unfold it, iron the outside first if necessary go to the inside. Now with the cuffs, do the inside first and flip it around to do the outside. When you’re doing the outside be careful not to go on the buttons instead goes around them.


Next move onto the shoulders also known as the yolk lay. It flat smooth it out and don’t try to get it from one end to the other, just do from the middle to this shoulder seams or vice versa and then just flip it around into the other side if you have a sleeve board then count yourself lucky, because the sleeves are the hardest part of iron the shirt being that you are in two layers of fabric rather than one. So take your sleeve, put it flat on the board smooth it out as best as you can with your hands.

Spray it down iron it. Now if you don’t want a crease on your sleeves just go right up to the very top but don’t go over just to the edge then, once you have it ironed the way like it flip it around to the other side. The second side should be easier since you ironed most of it there but you’re just getting the little pieces there that really need it and once you’ve got one sleeve done, just take your other one and do the same thing the front.

Although a big area split into two sides so if your shirt has a placket. Make sure to iron that since people will be seeing it. Pay special attention to the top area of your shirt. You may even want to do a piece at a time and don’t obsess over the bottom because remember you’re going to tuck it in. Make sure you do iron between the buttons remembering not to go over them.

The Back

Finally the last and biggest area the back so with the back smooth it out, spray it and iron from the top to the bottom starting where the back meets the yoke. Little advice used a broadside of the ironing board so you can iron a little quicker since you have more area to work with.

Inspect Shirt

Last thing you want to do is inspect your shirt. Make sure you didn’t miss any spots if you did just spot iron get rid of those wrinkles and hang your shirt. Start with the top button jump every other one that way. It doesn’t get wrinkled in your closet because I’m sure the last thing you want to know is that you have to re-iron your shirt because you didn’t button it right.


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