Knowing Your Body Type

Knowing Body Type

Today we’re talking about knowing your body type. There are three types of body types: there is the ectomorph, the mesomorph and the endomorph.


The ectomorph is the person that you’d love to hate. They’re the person that is so lean and they can eat whatever they want they never gain weight. When you’re thinking of an ectomorph think of a runway model if the ectomorph is out of shape they tend to hold their body fat in their midsection. The ectomorph has a very high metabolism which is why they can stay so lean and eat so much food. This is good and bad when you’re trying to gain lean muscle because this type of person is going to have a really hard time putting on muscle.

They can lose it really easily they can lose fat really easily but they’re going to have a hard time putting on any extra lean muscle. So if you are an ectomorph and you are looking to shape up here are some tips for you-you want to make sure you eat healthy that goes without saying for any body type but you want to eat healthy. You can eat carbohydrates and proteins. It’s not like you have to eliminate any macronutrient from your diet.

You do tolerate carbohydrates very well. When you’re putting together a workout program for the ectomorph, you want to hit those weights heavy you want to eat a lot of food and you want to keep your cardio very minimal. Because your metabolism is so revved up it’s very hard for you to build muscle. So if you do any more cardio on top of that you’re just sacrificing all that muscle that you’re trying to build.


Next body type is the mesomorph. That’s kind of in the middle so you have the ectomorph on one side the mesomorph in the middle and then the endomorph on the other end so the mesomorph is right in the center. These particular people are usually naturally muscular. They’re naturally athletic. They tend to hold their body fat all over evenly distributed throughout their body. A typical mesomorph makes a really good gymnast, fitness model or sprinter. A mesomorph looking to shape it would do well really well with a muscle building program. They do need a little bit of cardio to keep the body fat in check. But they can do moderate cardio as without saying always healthy, balanced meal. They do tolerate proteins and carbohydrates well and I would say keep them equally balanced throughout your meals.


Our third body type is endomorph. Endomorphs are naturally broader, thicker in stature. An endomorph more would do really well as a power lifter or in crew. They tend to have a slower metabolism and when they do carry body fat they tend to hold it in their chest their waist and their hips. An endomorph looking to shape it up what they could do is doing a very structured weight training program. Cardio needs to be at a little bit more than moderate. You don’t want to do too much again like I was saying with ectomorphs you don’t want to burn off the muscle that you’re trying to build but they do need a certain amount of cardio to bring down that body fat.

Ectomorph is also a little bit more sensitive to carbohydrates so that would be the person that would definitely want to stick with complex carbohydrates and really focus on how many carbohydrates because you do need each macronutrient in your diet you need proteins carbohydrates and fats. No matter where you are on the scale you can change into different segments of the body type scale. If you are an endomorph you can change into an “endo-meso”. You can also change from an “ecto” to a “meso” and vice versa. You can do a “meso” to an “endo” and “meso” to an “ecto”.

Those are the ways you can go. You cannot be an “ecto” and then turn into an “endo”. It just doesn’t work like that. You’re just genetically built one way or the other. So when you hear someone complaining that they’re overweight because of their genetics. Technically there is a small percentage of your genetics that does play into how you are built and what you can or can’t accomplish. But it’s very, very, very small so don’t let that hold you back from doing anything because it doesn’t matter what body type you are. You can be a better version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


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