Making Off The Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder Dress

I’m going to show you guys how I made this off the shoulder button-down dress. So let’s get started. So I’m starting off with this men’s button-down shirt which I got in a larger size so that I could wear it as a dress, but it ended up coming out a little shorter than I wanted it to and now I’m just taking these pins and I’m placing them across the top of the shirt just so I can have a guide for when I cut the top of the shirt off and now I’m taking my scissors and I’m cutting the top of the shirt off so now and I’m folding the top of the shirt about an inch down because that’s the width of the elastic that I got.


So depending on your width of elastic is how far down you’re going to fold it and now I’m just taking pins and I’m pinning the top down just so that when I go to sew it stays in place. So now that I’m finished pinning I’m just taking it to the filling machine and I’m pinning it down but you want to make sure that when you go to sew it that you’re leaving about an inch or two worth of an opening so that you can insert the elastic through.

Measuring Shoulder Area

So now I’m measuring around my shoulder area so I can get an idea of how long the elastic needs to be and then you’re going to cut however much elastic you need. So now I’m taking a safety pin and I’m pinning it through the end of one side of the elastic just so that easier to pull through the shirt and then I’m going to insert it into one side of the shirt and just start pulling it through the entire shirt. Once I have the elastic all the way through I’m just going to go ahead and sew the two ends of the elastic together and finally, I’m going to close the gap that I left open earlier by folding over the fabric and sewing on top of it.


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