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So let’s talk about the oxford button down dress shirt. It’s versatile, comfortable and one of the most durable items you’ll have in your closet. Think of it as the more mature big brother to your t-shirt. What’s the difference between a dress shirt and an oxford shirt? Well, a dress shirt or also known as a button up shirt, any collared shirt with long sleeves that may be worn under a suit or blazer. An oxford button down shirt is usually considered a dress shirt, but the oxford shirt differs in two ways.

  • One, they usually have a button down collar that eliminates that pesky problem of your collars flopping around or disappearing underneath your jacket.
  • Two, the oxford shirt is named after a specific weave of fabric called oxford cloth.

While you can wear an oxford shirt with suits, I don’t recommend it. It’s not my preference. I definitely don’t dress clients this way because the button down collar it lends more casual vibe to an outfit so it takes away from the formality of a suit. It just looks a little clunky. Instead, I would pair it with a sports coat, blazer, a bomber jacket, underneath a sweater, or even just on its own with the sleeves rolled up.

Why should you own oxford button-down shirts?

Well, because they’re awesome and for a couple of other reasons. They look great on everyone. Seriously, everyone! It pairs easily with the rest of your essential wardrobe. It’s super versatile. I mean you can wear it with shorts all the way up to a suit. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another piece of clothing that will work in all of those different outfits and best of all. It is super comfortable and very low maintenance. So, how should your oxford button down shirt fit?

I love it when guys ask me this question. Because it means they care. So, what you got to do, really simple, check out my fit guide located here. It’ll show you how all your dress shirts should fit, including this one. So, what colors should you get? Like I said in my semi-spread collared dress shirt video, you want to keep it real simple so that it goes with the rest of your essential wardrobe. So, stick with white and light blue.


  1. So, the first outfit is, we have him in this navy v-neck sweater and this blue button down oxford dress shirt. Both by Brooks Brothers. I added this great brown leather dress belt by Allen Edmonds with these gray trousers by Brooks Brothers and we finished it all off with these brown dress shoes by Allen Edmonds.
  2. So, let’s get him into outfit number two. I changed his oxford button down into this white one. But starting with the entire outfit, let’s start with the jacket first. This is a great navy sports coat by Brooks Brothers Red Fleece. The white button-down oxford shirt is by Brooks Brothers. I added a pocket square by the Tie Barn. We also have this brown leather dress belt by Allen Edmonds with these Levi’s jeans and these brown oxford dress shoes by Allen Edmonds.
  3. So, let’s change him into the third and final look. Third and final outfit which I love because this is such an easy casual outfit that any of you guys can do. I have the same oxford button down dress shirt by Brooks Brothers. We just rolled up the sleeves, added black leather, Daniel Wellington watch. I put him in this black leather casual belt by Allen Edmonds with the same Levi’s jeans and then we finished it all off with these white leather Jack Purcell Converse sneakers. So, that’s some of the different ways to wear your oxford button down dress shirt.


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