Outfit Inspiration Ideas For The Hourglass Body Shape.


Today I would like to show a few examples of kits, which create beautiful proportions for the Hourglass type. But first let me say, how lucky you are if this is your type of figure.

  1. You can wear almost anything you want, and at the same time look harmonious. Nevertheless, there are certain stylistic tricks, which will visually emphasize the beauty of your silhouette. Let me show you by examples.
  2. Let’s start with this interesting combination. This is the top with a smell in the pair with monochrome tapered trousers or jeans. This top is definitely beautiful and draws attention to your beautiful body parts: low-necked, collarbone and thin waist.
  3. If you are tired of wearing pencil skirts, which, by the way, looks great on you, and would like to try something new, skirt-year can be an interesting alternative. You can choose any length that you like, but the skirt should have a pronounced waist.
  4. Another option for a summer skirt can be a skirt with frills. Again, you can choose any length to your liking, and then connect it with a simple blouse, shirt or camisole, and you will certainly look elegant, modern and feminine.
  5. The next idea is a shortened top in pair with the narrowed jeans with a high waist. This is a simple and very cute kit, which, in my opinion, looks amazing on an hourglass figure. You can also try Here is the style of overalls. He has a top with a smell, pronounced waist, and straight or slightly flared trousers. All these small details visually help to improve and multiply the beauty of the silhouette of the hourglass.
  6. The next idea that you can try – double-breasted jacket with a belt paired with a miniskirt or a pair of straight trousers. Keep in mind that the jacket should cover the hips or reach the middle of the thigh and to add raisins, try to pick up for him the perfect belt. If you want to wear it with a skirt or dress, it is better to choose a mini-length. All that is longer requires a different, a shorter jacket.
  7. Another idea for a summer dress – midi dress with details in the form of cutouts at the waist. It has a very simple design, which, it seems to me, looks elegant and beautiful and, of course, these cutouts will help visually emphasize the waist and lengthen the legs.
  8. The next set, which is worth a try – a simple top pair paired with culottes with an inflated waistline. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind, that it is better to choose soft and smooth fabrics both for the top and for culottes, To emphasize the soft lines of your silhouette.
  9. Another idea for the kit – graphic t-shirt paired with a pencil skirt. As you might have noticed, both elements are bright, which stylistically complement each other. This is exactly what this kit does so interesting and individual. You too can try to find your perfect combination.
  10. And, finally, one more thing, which is worth trying – volumetric dress, for example. You have been told all your life that you should always show your waist, low-necked and femininity, but actually, you do not owe anything to anyone. If you do not feel comfortable in tight clothes, wear loose cut, nothing bad will happen. Wear only the clothes that you like.

Now you have 10 ideas for kits, which will beautify the natural beauty of your silhouette. Stylize them yourself, following the exact complete formulas. But do not forget to use colors, prints, and accessories, which you find attractive. This is exactly what will make the style truly yours.


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