Outfits You Can Actually Wear to School – Approved Outfit Ideas

School Outfits

Today I’m actually doing a back to school outfit ideas. Hopefully, you haven’t started school yet. it is beginning of August so Most of us start in mid-august. I start August 22nd; let me know down below what grade you’re going into and what day you start. I start August 22nd. I’m going into my senior year of high school I know. I may look like I’m 12, but I’m actually 17 that is so weird to say. I turned 17 today. It’s so weird my birthday was like July 20, but when you’re this, it’s August.

  1. So for outfit number one I decided to wear this really cute Mauve top – it is a tank top, so I decided to pair that with a cardigan because some schools don’t allow tank tops some schools do. So I played it safe by adding this Cardigan. I also paired it with these light wash Denim jeans with rips in them from Hollister then also these really cute booties which are from JC Penney.
  2. For my next outfit, I wanted to do something that was casual but was cute, so I started off with my Vans. I love them so much. Then I have on just black jeans these are actually cropped, but these are my new favorite jeans. I’m obsessed they fit me perfectly, and they’re not too long and I’m actually wearing this long sleeve the grey top underneath my denim jacket.
  3. For outfit number three. I’m wearing this cute off the shoulder dress perfect fall time. I know some schools don’t allow off the shoulder dresses. So I am putting it on my shoulder and you can do that and hack the dress code and do that when teachers walk by you. I paired that with these cute little sandals from Ross, they’re cute and they were inexpensive my favorite.
  4. For this next outfit, I’m wearing this tan corduroy skirt, I like how it buttons up in the front and just kind of dresses up an outfit really easily and I have this white top on and I paired that was just some black sandals. Pretend that you can’t see through my top. I didn’t know that it would look like that should have tried these outfits on before. I started filming, but yes girl didn’t.
  5. For my next outfit, I have an outfit for my cold weather babes because I know some places it gets cold now, which is crazy, so I’m starting off with this cute over sized sweater from forever 21. In this burnt orange color and then just some dark wash skinny jeans from Hollister and I paired that with the same shoes that I was actually wearing in my other outfit. It is some cute booties because why not so everyone has those days where you just want to dress? Casual and comfy so I love this simply Southern shirt, so this one on yellow Happy color. I love me and then I’m wearing just some black leggings with it these are actually from Wal-Mart and they were really cheap and the really nice quality and then I paired it with my favorite new shoes these are Adidas Fit foam.


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