Red Carpet Ready Looks – Wear the Same Dress in More Than One Ways

Red Carpet Looks

It is a fact of life that you have to wear the same outfit more than once. It seems if you are in Hollywood and you wear the same dress more than once then you’re open up to a whole bunch of criticism, but they’re pretty much the only people could actually afford to not be a quote-unquote repeat outfit offender. For those of us regular folks who live in a not Hollywood world, we have to be a little bit more careful and choosy about where our money goes.

  1. So the first strategy that I’m going to talk about is a little bit more off-the-cuff if you have the guts to speak your mind. If somebody says to you Is that the same dress you wore last year? You can simply say is that the same face you wore last year? If you don’t want to get cheeky you could say it sure is and it looks just as good this year as it did last year don’t you think? Also, try to remember that if people are looking down their nose at you for wearing the same outfit more than once does you really want them as a friend anyway?
  2. The second strategy is to have two really fancy dresses and then alternate them. So if you have Christmas party one year and the New Year’s party you flop. For the Christmas party you wear one dress for the New Year’s party you wear the second dress and then following year you just switch them so whatever you wore to the Christmas party the first year, you wear to the New Year’s second year and vice versa. Or if you’re a getting dressed up junky like I am you could actually have three or four fancy dresses and then you can just swap those out every year but you don’t wear a fancy dress all that often so it will last you a decade if you buy something that is classy.
  3. The third strategy that you can do if you only have one dress and you can only wear one dress is to change your makeup. Just changing your makeup can actually change to look like a bit. Right now I have on a very simple makeup just foundation blush and mascara. So now all I did was add lipstick and some dimensional eye shadow and you can see that it takes the look up quite a few notches. In addition to changing your makeup you can also change up the jewelry or you can change up the makeup and jewelry in order to really go for a different look, without spending a bunch of money on a new dress. The earrings that I was wearing before were pretty simple. These ones have quite a bit more flair to them. Another thing that you can do is change scarf and shoes while keeping the makeup and jewelry the same and this will change the look as well.

This is the same outfit adding a silver scarf which can also be used as a shawl when it is a large one like this. This is the same outfit again using red shoes and a red shawl. This time I’m wearing a purple scarf and purple shoes. This time what I’ve done is taking the scarf and ties the ends together and I’m just going to put it over my head and wear it like a sash. Another option is to take fascinator; I love fascinators for getting dressed up. That takes your outfit to a whole different look. Wearing a headpiece scarf shoes and the same dress – This is a different fascinator I have that I have worn with the same outfit. Another option that you can do is wearing gloves I’ve also got a different fascinator this time this one has a comb instead of a headband.

Slide it into your hair like this I’m wearing my black suede shoes this time and it’s a whole new look with the same dress and if you like to play with textures you can play with a fur stole or bolero. Another thing that you can do is wear a blazer, a dressy blazer over top of the same dress. Another interesting way is that you can tie your shawl and put it over your shoulders like this, then spin it around tie a knot in the back. This will constrict your movement so if you are going to be dancing with a partner it’s probably not a good option but if you’re just going to be standing and socializing and like a cocktail party or something, or dancing by yourself then it looks really nice and if you really want to go all out you can put it all together. Fascinator or hat, headpiece, gloves scarf, shoes, and fancier makeup and flashier jewelry. So as you can see if you are willing to be creative with your accessories, jewelry, makeup. There are so many different options for keeping the same dress and wearing it again and again and again.


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