Restringing Tutorial Of Fairy Type Body

Fairy Type Body

Body arrangement is freeing since it gives you a comment on positively slender body mass. Regardless of what the scale says, in case you’re in a solid body-structure extend, you’re all great! Your optimal body piece relies upon your objectives. In case you’re a focused competitor, your point is likely the lower end of the body-fat rate scale (again, mulling over your somatotype), however recollect that you are never gunning for zero fat and lower isn’t generally better.

For the restringing, we will need: long thread cup of water clamp. Sia has new fairy body-type. It is different from the others: the torso consists of two parts: the main and the inner and the arms are assembled separately. So it helps to easily change the bust type.


Let’s start restringing with the arms.

  1. First of all clamp, then the shoulder, elbow joint, elbow, and wrist joint. Make in the same way the second hand. Now time to assemble body. Fix the metal ring. It helps to join legs or mermaid tail or Centaurus body to the torso. Using the thread pass elastic through the waist, hold the ring with pencil and pass elastic through the inner part of torso and neck joint. Secure it with hook.
  2. Now take torso, insert the arms and put on the body until you hear a click. Arms are perfectly fit and take a pose. Oh, my kitty wants to help! If you want to change the bust type, you should just push the hook inside. I love fairy type body! it makes my photo shoots much easier! Time for mermaid tail! When I disassembled it I numbered all the parts with the pencil and glued them. Hook the fin holders and then using the thread pass elastic through all tail joints.
  3. Finally, it’s done! Now we can join it with the body! Secure the ring in the groove and hook the tail. Sia is assembled! She only needs the face up, but now she has great possibility and doesn’t fall down.


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