Rock star Clothing Fashion for Men – How to Dress like a Rock star?

Rock star Clothing

1. So number one has got to be, the leather jacket. You see it? I’m wearing one, a rock and roll style leather jacket. Here we’ve got this kind of 50’s, greased lightning looking leather jacket. These are super cool, right? It’s always going to be a staple part of the rock and roll look, is the rock and roll leather. You can go for a style like this one or we’re going to flash up a few more really good examples on the screen right now. So grab yourself a leather jacket and you’re going to be rocking that, alright?

2. Point number two is to accessorize, alright? We want loads of jewelry. We want that dark metal feel to it and we want to overdo it. You know, more is definitely not less. Less is more, does that make sense? You know what I’m saying. You want more. You can have a ring on every damn finger. You can be wearing silver chains, rock and roll earrings like the one I’m wearing lots of jewelry, big studded belts. Decorate yourself, make sure those accessories really set off your rock and roll look and we’re going to flash up a couple of more examples now of accessories and jewelry which we like.

3. Number three is booted! Leather boots, alright? If you want to be a rock and roll guy, stay the hell away from sneakers, trainers, whatever and get yourself a pair of leather boots, right? If you want to go for that more modern, smart rock and roll look, we’re going to flash it up now, then go for a pair of Chelsea boots, right? They’re really cool. They’ve got very new age rock feel to them, very modern, almost Indie, right? If you really want to rock the party and look a bit more classic rock, then let’s go for a really messed up, vintage looking pair of boots like the pair we’re flashing up now, or maybe a pair of Dr. Martens which we’re going to flash up now and here’s a few other examples which are all totally Rocking’ which you can also wear. Leather boots are number three.

4. Number four is vintage, ripped-up clothes and especially vintage ripped-up skinny jeans, okay? By vintage, the real world means that it’s second hand and sold in a vintage shop, right? However, nowadays, mainstream fashion has raped that term and it now means you pay 100 pounds for something which looks old. So, if you really know how to buy vintage clothes, then go to a vintage shop and buy them, old, second hand, worn-in rock, and roll looking clothes. If not, go on the High Street and buy some fake vintage clothes. All Saints here in England are a perfect example of someone who produces extremely expensive vintage-looking clothes. I’ll go back to the real staple part of the vintage look and that has got to be the skinniest ripped-up jeans. So, we’ve got a couple of examples of rock and roll guys here looking cool. Check out the ripped jeans, the boots, their leather jackets, the accessories, that’s the style we’re going for Vintage clothes, essential to that rock and roll look.

5. Next point, a lot of blacks. Keeps it dark, alright? Keep it Rocking’, okay? Keep your clothes, dark and black and rock and roll and gothic. Very metal is the vibe we’re going for, alright? Black clothes give you that kind of dark, deep rock and roll look. Everything is in black. Black everything. That’s the style of the clothes you want for that Rocking’ look.

6. Point number six is to get a cool hat. There aren’t too many hats you can wear if you want that classic rock and roll look. However, right now the wide brim, fedora hat is super cool. Also, a little black beanie can look pretty cool as well. That’s very US rocker looking. These two dudes are Rocking’ their hats and that’s going to really help to set off that rock and roll look as well, when you mix it in with all the other points we’re going through right now.

7. Number seven is long, messy hair. Alright, I look like a complete twat. Anyway, long hair. So anyway, rock and roll fashion is meant to look very off the cuff. However, we’re calculating being off the cuff, alright? That’s fashion.

8. Our next point is going to be no branding, okay? Rock and roll guys do not have any branding. So no designer labels, okay? No sports labels. Nothing which shows where that product is for, right? You wear the clothes. The clothes don’t wear you. About the only thing you can do is wear a vintage rock and roll tee shirt, the massive trend at the moment, which I actually hate, if it’s about people who have no relevance to the band they’re representing, but if you are a rock and roll guy, you’re wearing the shit you love. You could rock an ACDC tee shirt, an Iron Maiden tee shirt, something really cool and iconic like that. A Guns and Roses tee shirt, Rolling Stones tee shirt. These are all classic, iconic rock groups and that’s going to help set off that look and it’s going to show you’re a rock and roll guy.

9. Number nine. This point is slightly more random, but it’s a look that we really love. So we’re going to flash up now, denim and leather vests or waistcoats as we call them in England. The leather ones, it’s great to have patches on, like an old Hell’s Angels jacket. It’s super cool. You’re going to put a tee shirt underneath that. Accessorize the hell out of it. It’s going to look great with a Fedora, all the different stuff we’ve been talking about here now. With a denim one as well, you can stick badges on it. That’s why the denim ones are so cool. You can get any badge you like. Studs, anything with relevance to you, and you can sew them onto your denim rocker jacket. Keep it dirty, keep it scruffy, and really customize it to show the kind of music and the kind of style that you’re into. So we’re going to go for leather and denim vests and if you want to, you can customize the denim versions.

10. Finally, right, we’ve got to say it, I don’t want to say it, it’s got to be tatted and beards. We briefly mentioned the beard at an earlier point, but tats and beards are very rock and roll. They help you look a bit like a bad ass, so if this is a life decision for you, get some ink. Cover yourself with tats if need be. The edgier you look, the more like you just don’t give rock and roll baby and a beard also looks really good with that whole style. So let’s flash up a couple of beard and those rocking rockers right now. All looking cool, man and there we have it, gentlemen. That was our 10 simple fashions fixes to master your rock and roll style.


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