Rules On Tucking In Your Shirt

Tucking In Shirt

I’m going to give you three guidelines that you will make the right decision and you don’t embarrass yourself and you don’t show up to an event. You should have your shirt tucked in and I know some guys out there are saying, “Shirts should always be tucked in. ” But that’s not always the case and if you want to know how to tuck in your shirt so it doesn’t come untucked and how it looks great, fits well on the body, go check out my whole separate video on how to properly tuck in your shirt. Talk about the military tuck, underwear tuck. Okay, guys, let’s get into the three rules, three guidelines.

Styles Of Shirts

Number one, let’s look, is the shirt even meant to be tucked in? There are certain styles of shirts that are meant to be tucked other ones, not so much. Dress shirts. Always want to tuck those in. Work shirts made from flannel, chambray, you want to make sure to tuck those in and I’ll talk about that little bit later exactly why.

Undershirts, tank tops, those usually worn under a shirt, yes, you’re going to want to tuck those in. Okay. So shirts that are meant to be untucked going to be more casual shirts so polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts, rugby shirts, t-shirts. To an extent, you can tuck in t-shirts and we’ll talk about a few of the rules at the very end of this. Also like sports, athletic shirts, button-up shirts that are short-sleeved, more for sport, made to be worn in a hot weather. Those are made to be worn untucked.

Design Of The Shirt

Now, let’s go to number two which is let’s looking at the bottom and the design of the shirt. So first, when we look at the bottom and the design of the shirt, if it goes straight across, most likely that shirt is meant to be untucked. However, the thing with the shirt even if it is made with the design to be untucked, if it’s too long for you it’s going to look bad.

Once it starts to cover your backside, that’s shirt that you want to tuck in. If it actually has so it’s got tails in the front and in the back and that basically means over on the side. If it looks like this, then you want to wear this tucked in and if it’s too short my rule for telling a shirt is too short to be worn untucked is you want to just raise your hands up. If you raise your hands up and if you’re showing anything in your midsection, if it’s going above your trousers then that shirt right there is probably too short on you. So you should return the shirt. If it’s a little bit long, most shirts can actually be adjusted.

Formality Of The Event

Finally, let’s talk about the formality of the event. Basically, what are you going to? If this is an event in which people are going to be dressing sharp, tucking your shirt is always going to be more formal than wearing it untucked. The only exception to this is going to beat a hot weather event and that’s where something like a guayabera makes a lot of sense and I’ve seen it where you’ve seen the President of the United States go to an event in Central or South America and they’re actually wearing guayaberas. These are untucked. That is the design of the shirt and they’re also in hot weather. So, in that case, it’s formal, but it’s being untucked.

We also want to look at what’s going work with what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing shorts and it’s a beach wedding, that’s fine. Technically a formal event, but it’s going to be a casual setting. Therefore, you could wear something untucked assuming that the dress code is very casual and that everyone is cool with that. Make sense? Guys, those are the three guidelines. Again, go check out the video on how to tuck in your shirt properly. I think most of us are going to be best served by tucking in the shirt especially if you take care of your body and you’re in great shape. Tucking in your shirt actually makes you look slimmer and a bit leaner.


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