Shopping Tips and Capsule Wardrobe For The Petite Body Type


I’ve noticed that most of the advices for the petite body type concentrate on making it looks taller. I’d say that it’s a wrong strategy because clothes can’t do it for you. Of course, you can try a couple of tricks that can help to visually add one cm to your height. Or you can wear high heels all your life. Do you really have to try that hard to look taller? No, you don’t. I’d say that it’s much more important to pay attention to the length of the clothes you choose and how well they fit your petite body. The width of the shoulders is important when you’re choosing coats, jackets and cotton shirts. If it’s over 4 cm longer than your shoulder line it will look way too big for you.

The sleeves will always be slightly too long. Long sleeves mean that you will have to roll them up. So when you choose a jacket or coat, check the lining inside. Is it cute? Does it look good if you roll it up? The cheap and glossy lining doesn’t look elegant. Avoid items that have some design elements on the sleeves that won’t let you adjust the length.


The same rule goes for trousers. For example, the flared or wide-leg cuts can’t be adjusted or altered because they will lose the original shape and look weird. But if you have other cuts of jeans or trousers that are too long it’s better to alter them than to roll them up. Always check the photo of the model. Keep in mind that the models are usually around 175 cm tall. If the coat ends for her here, for you it will end somewhere around here the same with the trousers and skirts and everything else really. Pay careful attention to the waistline.

For example, this dress has an accentuated waistline. The model is 175 cm tall and it fits her perfectly. Now, if you’re around 160 cm or lower the waistline will fall below your natural waistline. Not too low, but enough to make your silhouette disproportionate. Now, this dress is high waist. If you’re petite it will fit your waistline just right. Tops, jackets and trousers that fit as cropped ones for the average height will fit you as a regular fit. The loose or wide fit will most likely look oversized on you. If you love to wear prints, choose smaller ones.

Big Patterns

Big patterns will visually make you look shorter. The same goes for all the accessories and jewelry. They all should complement your petite nature. Of course, the best option for shopping is to look for clothes in stores that specialize in petite fashion. I put together a list of brands like that on my blog. There aren’t many of them out there , but they definitely provide a better fit for your body. As for the styling, there aren’t really any special rules for the petite. Because no matter what size and height we are , we all have to watch out for the proportions and try not to ruin them with the wrong combination of lengths and shapes. As an example, I’ve prepared a capsule that will fit a petite. I used stores with standard sizes but paid careful attention to the length of the items.

My capsule includes 4 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 dresses and a jacket and when I mix all these items together I get 13 fully interchangeable outfits. The cream blouse fits as straight but will look oversized on petite which is exactly what I wanted. The blue sweater fits as a crop top, but on a petite will look as regular. The black shirt is cropped as well so again, it will have a regular length on a petite. This top is quite long, so it’s better to tuck it in. Both of the dresses are short but they will be longer for a petite just slightly above the knee.

The Skirts

The skirts have the same length or maybe a little shorter. One sits on your waistline, another one is high waist. This will help to visually elongate your legs. The pants might be way too long for a petite but it will be very easy to adjust their length and make them perfect without losing shape or design and finally, I have a jacket. It will fit a petite right at the middle hip line, which is great, plus, it has an accentuated high waistline. I chose 2 pairs of shoes.

Actually, the nude ones fit every outfit. But if you wear black tights and shoes with these outfits you will be able to elongate your silhouette. I also have some monochromatic outfits, and not by coincidence. Using one color also helps slightly elongate the silhouette.


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