Styling Tips to Dress for Your Body

Styling Tips

Choosing the right styles and clothing details for your body type.

1. You may have rounded shoulders and fullness through the tummy area. Your legs are often your best asset. You most likely are an oval body shape. Formal jackets look great for this body type as it has added shoulder pads which make the narrow shoulder more defined and structured. Choose accessories like a statement necklace to keep the eye above the bust-line. Avoid tucking in tops, or adding any waist details as it will draw attention to the waist. Softer fabrics like cashmere or Georgette that drape without clinging your body will work best for your body type. Off shoulder dresses & tops with an empire waistline will give an illusion of wider shoulders and a small waist.

2. Your hips are larger than your bust or shoulder area but you have a well-defined waist, you have a triangle body shape commonly referred as the pear shape. Make sure that the length of your tops & jackets ends on or just below the widest point of your hip. Use brighter or lighter colors for the upper half and keep trousers and skirts in darker colors. Details such as structured collars, embellishment or even decorating your neck and ears with jewelry will draw attention above the waist. Avoid structured prints, bright colors and details below the waist. Layering on your top half will help create visual interest and draw attention to it. Feel free to wear patterns and bold colors on your top half only this will make your thighs seem narrower.

3. Your shoulders appear larger than your hip area. You often have little definition between your waist and your hips and your bottom may be fairly flat. Your silhouette is an inverted triangle. Minimize styling and detail above the waist simple, more constructed shapes will work best on your bottom half like straight cut pants or an A-line skirt. Use darker colors above the waist and lighter bottom. Avoid using shoulder pads, even in tailored jackets as it will make your shoulder look broader. For Indian wear, Patiala suit paired with short Kurtis will look great on you.

4. If your hips and shoulders are of the same or similar width & waistline is relatively smaller, you are an hourglass! Always emphasize your waist area. Allow clothing to follow your body’s curves rather than hiding them. Avoid stiff straight cut dresses pencil skirts or dresses that enhance your waist area will look great on you. Keeping your hair too long that falls around the bust area, may make you look too heavy in your upper body.

5. If your hips have & shoulders are fairly proportionate you have a rounded tummy & you put on weight proportionately you have a figure 8 body shape. The figure 8 is actually the most common body shape for Indian women. Opt for skirts & dresses that fall smoothly over the hips and go straight down. For pants make sure to opt for straight or bootleg not wide or flared. Avoid heavy, stiff or body-hugging fabrics like polyester and synthetic. Avoid tucking in tops at all cost, as the focus straight away goes to the waist and tummy area. For Indian wear, instead of saris, option for blowy palazzos and straight cut kurtas. Color blocking works great for the figure of 8. Choose two to three starkly different colors like pink and orange or even black and white.


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