Summer Dress -Transform T-Shirt to Dress

Transform T-Shirt

1. First of all, I fold the t-shirt in half. You can use a tank top as well. Just make sure add sweetheart cut for the neckline. And then I cut it with the addition of seam allowance. My fabric doesn’t have a right side or wrong side so I just sew the side part right away. After that, I realize that the back part shouldn’t have a sweetheart cut. So then I marked and cut it with straight lines.

2. Next, I adjust the neckline cut to my desired cut. I have tried it on my body first, so I knew where I should cut it. For the remaining bottom part of t-shirt, I cut the hem. And then I folded and cut this fabric in half. I grab another t-shirt and cut the bottom part again using the rectangle I already have the guide. In this case, I didn’t cut the hem because I want it to be the bottom part of my dress. Okay, now I have three rectangles.

3. Now I take the first rectangle without hem and I want to gather it so it fits with the body part. I sew with a sewing machine with the longest straight stitch so the stitch is loose. Then I just pull one thread and spread the gather until I get the desired result. After that, I attach it to the body by the inserting the body to the gathered skirt right side to right side, end to end, and sew them together.

4. Next, I gather the bottom again, just a little bit with the same method. Then I gather the second rectangle without him and attach it to the first layer of the skirt I did this again until I attach the last layer of the skirt. Okay, I knew that it will come out not as I expected but I continue it anyway. You will know about it later. I grab the remaining t-shirt and cut only the bottom part approximately 1″. This is for the neckline facing. So I pin it to the neckline on the right side all the way around and sew it on the seam allowance line. Then I snip the curve or pointed side so that it’s easy for me to fold the facing inside. I just realized now that I think I should skip on the top part not the bottom part, or not sometimes. I just forget but it worked anyway. After that fold the facing inside and sew them around again to make topstitch. Then I cut the excess fabric so it will be neater. And this is how I finish the neckline. Moving on, I grab the scraps from the first-shirt and cut a long rectangle for the straps. I forgot my measurement actually so I think it’s about 4cm x 50cm. I want 4 straps so I use the scraps as best as I can for those.

5. Now I get 4 rectangles. To make the strap, I just fold it three times like this. I don’t know what the name has called for this method. Then sew it. 4 straps are done.

6. Now it’s time to attach it to the neckline. Like this. Tie a ribbon for front and back straps, and now let’s try it on first. Yep as I expected, the skirt is not wide enough for me. I don’t like it. So I want to revise it. I undo the stitch for the two bottom layers. Then I cut the side of both layers and attach them together so that I get it twice longer.

7. Next, I gather it again until it fits the first layer. Oh yeah, I’ve undone the gather on the first layer too. Then I attach the second layer to the first layer. Almost done, I hem it just by folding it once and sew it. I also sew a lace trim on the hem for more cuteness. I love laces! And it’s done! So what do you think about it? I personally love this dress, and I’m pretty sure I will wear this dress outside of my house! I’m happy that I decided to revise the first dress. Because I just think that the first dress, I can’t. I can’t wear that dress. It’s too fitted. It’s not blowy at all. I don’t like blowy. I don’t like fit dress, fitted dress. I like the blowy dress, so I’m so happy that I decided to revise the dress.


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