Winter Fashion – Wearing Sweaters

Wearing Sweaters

Today we are going to talk about sweaters, we are going to talk about different styles of sweaters and what goes well with them, there are a tone of styles of sweaters out there ranging from crew neck, v neck zip up pullovers, full zip up sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, there are a lot of types. We are going to stick with some mainstream types of sweaters and what might go well with them.

A lot of people will tell you that if you are wearing a crew neck sweater, wearing a button down shirt might not be the ideal option while I might agree generally with that you have options that will make that work, depending on the fit of-of the shirt and the fit of the sweater if they mesh well together and the fit of both of them is really nice you can pull it off, a fitted shirt with a fitted sweater even being a crew neck can pull your collar in nicely and look really good.

For the argument of a v neck sweater, the flow is easier to maintain with the separation of the shirt and the button down inside of the v neck maintains flow all the way down. While fit is important for both of those you can get away with a lot more having a v neck and a button down shirt. If you are someone that owns a zip-up pull over you are able to play with your style a little unzipping it like a v neck sweater or zipping it up so it is up closer to a crew-neck or a turtleneck again with that flow is maintained by a fit of both shirts and where the zipper is.

My ideal sweater would be cardigans and fitted cardigans because they are so convincing, taking them off and putting them on easily buttoning and unbuttoning however you want to maintain flow with the cut of them they are just much easier for me when I’m styling my shirts and sweaters again maintain style will be based off fitment of both shirts if your undershirt is too baggy you will be able to notice under your sweater especially a cardigan you might be able to see through the buttons on the cardigan or depending on the length of the cardigan you can see under it. Turtleneck sweater is something that I enjoy now but did not enjoy before because I thought that they looked nerdy or artsy but i have grown to like them because of the way they look under my blazers.

I love wearing blazer I would wear them all the time if I could and a turtleneck with a blazer just looks fantastic you don’t have to worry about wearing a button up any other kind of shirt just pull it on and put on a blazer and the outfit pulls itself together. I have not had that out of other things especially out of something I didn’t like before all I have to worry about is color coding everything. In fall and winter, you have to think about the fit of the sweater if you are going to wear it under a blazer or a coat you don’t want something that is too bulky because it won’t fit under your coat or blazer. Consider the colors of your clothing because you want the flow of color and of fitment you want to be able to remove layers of the outfit and still have it look great.


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