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Hello, this is Iri ~ As promised, I made a
list of personal top 10 items from the upcoming hell event for the English server. I thought it would be especially relevant
this time because the hell event does let you exchange for the items you like, and how
do you know which items you might wanna exchange for, well, you find out which ones are good. Note that this isn’t a complete breakdown
though because I have made those into picture form so it’s easier for you to go back to
them, and they will all be on my Instagram iri_lovenikki. Now the actual items on Iri’s personal list,
number 10. The coat of the suit World in a Game. I know that Cloud suits might not be everyone’s
aesthetics but I did notice from the beginning that this coat is pretty extravagant but in
a stately way. It can make some of those harder to style,
big Cloud dresses more wearable if Cloud styling isn’t your forte. It even goes well with non-Cloud dresses such
as this one from Apple, and I really like the details of gold feathers and birds on
these trailing fabrics. Next up, we have the makeup from the Night
Banquet suit. So I have to admit that some of my friends
don’t like makeup like this where the face is tilted at an angle, but I really do, I
just think that they add something interesting to the game. I also like how this makeup works with some
of the cuter hairstyles for a more vampire-ish look, because I really like this character
Vania from Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse, so yeah, number 9. Number 8 is actually from the same suit, it’s
this long piece of fabric that falls gracefully to the floor. That might sound simple but it’s that simplicity
that lends the item versatility in the Corridor and Competition because sometimes you just
want something behind your Nikki for the eyes to follow, without overshadowing Nikki herself,
and this piece does that well. For number 7, we’re going back to the World
in a Game suit, and it’s the Go-board that she comes with. If you’re unfamiliar, Go, or weiqi, is a
game with such long history going all the way back to the ancient times and it’s still
extremely loved today. A lot of historical dramas will have characters
play Go to show how smart they are, and in the ancient times it’s often poetically
said that if you capture the game on the Go board, you capture the world, and that’s
also what the suit name “World in a Game” is referencing to. The item does unfortunately layer on top of
your Nikki, but that’s where the Corridor and Free Dressing comes in, you can layer
it however you want in those places. And number 6 is a bit special because it’s
not from the main hell event suits, it’s from the North minor suit. So the actual number 6 for me would be the
hair, but I really wanted to put this whole suit because it’s just cool and awesome. There is another one too, and we just don’t
get enough suits with this vibe. To me the hair, especially the blue one, really
speaks tsundere or ojousan to me, like it gives you the feeling that the character is
putting a bit of distance between themselves and everyone else. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into
it. And here is an outfit I put together of a
cute girl floating in space. At number 5, we have another minor suit, the
dress from the Pigeon minor suit. It’s just got such pleasant colors, and
looks so light and airy. So much that here is an outfit I made with
it, pairing it with those water sleeves we got from the Garden event a while ago. And since we are on this minor suit already,
I did mention in my future Pigeon suit video that the accessories look spectacular with
darker skin tones and here they are. Look at how they instantly pop and how elegant
they are against the darker skin tones, a fact that was immediately acknowledged by
the Chinese server players too right after the event first debuted there in August of
last year, like everyone was praising and posting about it. And we are getting into the top 3. At number 3 we have the mirror from the Jealous
Phantom suit. I have good news for you too, and that is
if you complete this suit, you get another mirror, one without ghosts coming out of it. I like this item because the ghosts actually
can add to the atmosphere you want to create in your entry, and you can also rotate the
mirror to make tables or a magical basin, Harry Potter style? And alright, number 2, we have, all the accessories
of the suit based on Queen Elle! This is my favorite suit, so much that I keep
using her image as a thumbnail and you can see here that each of these accessories are
so detailed and just faires, so many fairies. One issue they do have is that you can’t
really see them in your normal dressing interface. Luckily they are all moveable so again, Corridor
and Free Dressing. Now drum-roll please, for the number 1 item
on this personal list, and that is – Queen Elle’s hair! Or the hair from the suit Fleeting Dream. It’s just so pretty, the waves are pretty,
the colors are pretty too, and it’s always been the first item that comes to my mind
whenever I think about this hell event. Because it pretty much works with the majority
of make-ups, whether it’s those cute ones or the more mature ones, meaning that you
can use it to make both younger and more mature characters. You can tell that it’s good also because
you can just put it on a really simple dress, like the one I have here, and the whole outfit
would just look better. Yaaay. I do want to talk about the completion prizes
though because this fairy suit does come with its own background if you complete it. The posed hair, posed dress, posed headdress,
earrings are all completion prizes too and there’s a glittering butterfly accessory. So since I am obviously not biased towards
this suit at all, I would say that maybe consider getting the whole suit so that you have all
those extra items too. I also have the completion prizes for the
other suits here, and as you can see, it’s about the same arrangement for the Go-suit,
with those posed items as completion prizes, plus this moveable background. And for the jealous phantom suit, you get
2 versions of the posed dress, one with her holding sort of a poisonous-looking pen and
the other without, and of course, what we talked about before, the mirror without the
floating ghosts. Last but not least, for the wine glass suit,
the posed items, and the giant wine glass are all completion prizes. And here I must tell you something very unfortunate,
and that is this suit has 2 seemingly unfixable glitches. First the wineglass has some very strange
layering and when you put on Nikki’s normal pose dress on a darker skin tone, the area
right above her chest doesn’t work right. Now the players on the Chinese server have
been requesting for 7 months now for these to be fixed, and we are talking about players
with a lot of clout with the developers, some of them have 600 thousand diamonds on a daily
basis, but as you can see these are still not fixed, which means that they are issues
related to the fundamental framework of the game and there’s just not a fix that would
not massively screw up something else. I mean we could get another miracle on the
English server too and see fixed it whenever the event goes live, but if that doesn’t
happen, you are now at least aware of this issue and why it’s there. So that concludes Iri’s personal top 10
items. Again, I have the item-by-item breakout on
my instagram iri_lovenikki and will linke them too. Thank you so much for watching. If you could like and subscribe, I would really
appreciate it and you’ll be notified when more content comes out. Thank you x 100 and I hope you get all the
parts you want!

55 thoughts on “【HELL EVENT】Top 10 Items (Personal) from Garden of Spiral Staircase!

  1. Subtitles available with the tireless help of *MELANCHOLIA*! LOVE YOU!
    Complete Suitbreakdowns: on my Instagram! Follow for FASTER news and tips! https://www.instagram.com/iri_lovenikki
    Completion Prizes! http://bit.ly/IriSoSCompletionPrizes

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  8. Iri! Thank you so much for yet again a wonderful video! I'm always so impressed by how polished they are and how quickly you upload them. You spoil us <3
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  26. Yeah. The entire fleeting dream is gonna be mine. Gotta have it. Then since we can pick and choose I'll got with which ever ones become top items.

  27. There is a fix, free copies of the dress with the area colored in each skin tone. It's a bit of extra work but.. it would fix it.

  28. I'm a bit curious, has there even been a reason given for the background items (such as the fairies for example) being far larger than the available window display that they can't be seen?

    Edit: As for suit layering gltiches, this has been ongoing for some time now. There are multiple items even on the English server that haven't been fixed even when it's been brought to the dev's attention. Personally sent multiple reports on multiple glitched items. As I recall, the person stated that they would forward the issue to the dev's and never heard another word about it and the issues weren't fixed.

  29. Yeah, after watching many breakdowns I decided to get two cheaper suits and just get the hair from both more expensive suits, and makeup and bed/chair thingy from the fairy suit. Im not really crazy about the cloud kingdom in general, because I don't think it's versatile (exception is cloud suit from 4 dreams, it was so beautiful), and I don't personally think the separate pieces from the fairy suit will be useful for me (the pose is gorgeous, but I don't have many items in that style to change and customize it a bit). This video was very helpful tho, thanks Iri! ❤️❤️❤️

  30. I know everyone’s been talking about the wine, game, and fairy suit, but what do you guys think about the mirror one? I feel like her hair makes her look ugly, but that’s just my opinion. I’m pretty curious on her versatility though

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