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63 thoughts on “Peter Weber’s Parents Don’t Think It’ll Work Out with Madison – The Bachelor

  1. I hate parents like this. No one should dictate what a normal relationship should look like or who their child should be with. Just cause it isn't peaches and rainbows at the beginning doesn't mean they aren't happy. It could mean that they love each other and are learning to navigate obstacles…. Like idk crazy fucking parents!!

  2. Why is she doing that with her mouth, she looks like shes on something 🤦‍♀️ coke or pills im sure.

  3. Madison RUN and run far they don’t deserve you! You deserve so much better! A man that’s fully invested and in love with you. And peter is not the man. Peter needs to become a man and grow some balls. And tell his mom to stop butting in

  4. Madison, I know Peter might loves you but his mother will never. Walk away and let his mother continues to impact peter’s life like the way she wish (currently doing too)

  5. I bet he regrets having sex with dumb Victoria because maddie was all about him before that! That one dumb night of sex made Peter lose the best and right girl for him.

  6. Madison is the one because from experience nobody ever likes the one at first. But it will work out after all. It’s hard when your relationship is put on stand and your parents are choosing

  7. Well, in my opinion Peters Mom wears the pants in that household and yes as she said we are only seeing less then some , she was spitting nails thru a clinched mouth ! She over talks her husband and the man was clearly trying to speak in her defense , my word and the fire in her eyes , the glaring and her whole body language , clearly made her statement to her husband her boys and her soon to be daughter in law! I wish them the very best and I hope peters mommy comes around and realizes that she won’t be the woman waking up next to her son each and everyday for the rest of his life! It hurts mom most but sometimes standing on the side and taking a deep breath you have to let them live their own life. Many prayers and blessings! May love conquer over the difference!

  8. Religious views aside I think Madi exposes the ridiculous nature of the show in which the bachelor sleeps with 2 or 3 different gals a week before getting engaged. Show really should be called the Harem.

  9. I hope Barb is happy that they split up. She really just ruined her son’s chance at finding true love with a good girl who had MORALS. I hope Peter never forgives her for this. 😭💔

  10. This process seems to have changed Peter. He looks so torn and exhausted. I think it was a good decision to take things slow.

  11. on this” (2:34) Instigator: “Pero di algo mal tambien, ayudame” – “But say something bad too, help me” (2:35) Mediator: Annoyed? Hesitant? (2:38)

  12. Mama is a beast!!!, that’s why Peter is a Wuss!, his Mom does the same to his DAD!!!Mom doesn’t realize peter is her SON not MAN!, RUN girlllllllll

  13. Chris shaking his head after Barb’s “it’s not going to work” comment is why he’s the MVP of the bachelor

  14. The Mom needs to shut up. If people are this crazy and they’re hetero same race! I can’t even IMAGINE someone who’s gay or likes a different race. He needs to do HIS journey. Not his moms. Did someone tell HER who to marry? Crazy

  15. Their breakup isn’t an “I told you so” moment for barb. It’s a demonstration of how manipulative she is and how weak peter is. I’m glad Madison got out

  16. This is not how you’re supposed to find love. I’m glad someone (even a mom) calls out the bullshit for what it is

  17. This is proof that people don't want what comes easy Madi said what she said and I could see the hurt Peter felt , but why would she wait until it was 3 of them? If you have strong religious beliefs why would you go back on the sex before marriage thing? His mom is right Peter just wants Madi because nobody wants him with her.

  18. Barb: They are two totally different people…

    Yet, she’s Cuban and Peter’s dad white 🤔 so how did that work? LMFAOOO

  19. His mom is making a huge mistake right now. Her son will choose who he loves not what his mom wants. I was for Maddison all the way! His mom is way too involved!

  20. Dude:…Pack your bags and RUN TF as far away from your mama as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She'll control him forever

  21. I understand how his mom feels. It happened n my family where I thought the man chosen by my daughter; my son choosing the woman for him: both marriages turned horrible with problems in my family. Too much turmoil. My daughter divorced him; my son still unhappy. So I agree with the mom–I felt Madison was wrong for Peter–knowing what went on the show (the honeymoon suite: She know but caused "drama." Glad she has moved on. Hopefully Peter finds the true love he is looking for.

  22. Take a look at the Mom..remember…Men get grey and distinguished..woman get old n' haggered… stop hittin' the sauce lady..you'll thank me for it..😚😉😎

  23. Madi chose wrong. First being on a show that goes against her values and Christian beliefs. They are unequally yolked and Peter's family is right. Thank God Peter and Madi are 100% over. They announced it on their own IG accounts.

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