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Hi friends, this is Rakesh. Now we are going to see about the brief introduction of linkedlist. So linkedlist is the one of the important topics that is present in the Java collection. So, linkedlist actually is the class interface extends, implements…Linkedlist implements abstract sequences. Abstract sequencing list implements..sorry..linked list implements abstract sequences. Abstract sequences Implements list. At the same time linked list also implements dequeue. This is the basic thing about the linklist. So you should be aware about this thing. So you should know what it extends And what it implements. And then Java linkedlist uses double linkedlist data structure to store the data.If suppose if you aren’t aware about these data structures, I have explained them in very brief manner. If you want in detail, please comment those things in the comment box. I will try to take videos from them also. So, double linked list. This is the double linked list node structure. Here, this is a single node, inside the mid one is the data node. Data… to hold the data… and the this is the previous node address, this is the next node address. So for example consider these three nodes.So first node has Rakesh data, second node Lenin and third node Raja. So since this is the first node, there are no previous nodes for Rakesh. So the previous node address would be null. The next node address for the Rakesh would 101 because the next node is the Lenin, Lenin address is 101 so 101 would be this address. When you consider about the second node, the lenin. The previous node address is 100, so that would be present here. The next node for Lenin would be Raja. Raja address is 102. 102 would be here. So when we talk about Raja node, the previous node address is 101 would be here. There are no next nodes so the address would be null. So this is the general or brief description about the double linked list data structures. If suppose if you want in detail, please comment those things, I will try to take videos from that also. Thanks for watching. At the end of this video, you’ll see the channel icon here. Please click on that for subscribing channel.

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